Meeting Schedule

The Board of Commissioners of the Chapel West Special Services District meets monthly
(the last Tuesday of each month).

  • Meetings are held at 8:00 a.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at our offices at 1205 Chapel Street.

  • Special meetings are convened from time to time to address emergency issues.

  • There will be two open meetings scheduled annually. These meetings are public hearings. Permission to speak is not required. All property owners planning to attend these open meetings should contact the Chapel West office at 203-787-3000. Property owners and businesses will receive notice by mail of any special meeting.

  • Meeting schedules may change due to unforeseen circumstances and members are invited to contact our office for schedule updates.

  • There is a summer party and cookout in August, from 5-8 p.m. Further details will posted. Everyone is invited. We expect to have some live music.

  • The District is currently working on a business strategy and redevelopment plan. Rezoning of the business areas, using the assistance of a paid consultant has been a success. The Board of Aldermen has rezoned 80 Chapel West properties to BD-1 downtown zoning. This gives property owners far greater rights to build at greater density and allows additional properties to convert to business use or to mix business and residential uses in the same building. Already developers have been contacting property owners with an interest to expand development on empty sites. In the near future actions furthering development and enhancements to the District’s tax base will be submitted to the City for approval. The District Board will actively begin the next phase of accomplishing the objectives of the plan. Special meetings for specific projects may be called.