Building for the Future NOW

Property owners in our district recognize that they have an important role to play in the positive growth of Chapel West. Our board of commissioners works on cleaning, maintenance, safety, zoning, planning and bringing people together in order to build a better community. Since we moved into our offices at 1205 Chapel Street. improvements and renovations have been ongoing. From large projects like the Study Hotel, Yale’s Rudolph Hall, Loria Center, renovations at AYA & 1195 Chapel St. to Howard K. Hill’s Funeral Home refurbishing and John Cannon’s 1187 Chapel St. In between these projects, Vin Gagliardi renovated 1179 Chapel, Rimage upgraded the entire front of his building, Chapel Pediatrics upgraded their landscaping at 1441 Chapel ,Michael Criscio followed suit at M & M Pawn Shop along with Off Broadway, Inc., EST, EST, EST, and the Pizza House investing in improvements to their real estate. Arnie Lehrer is just finishing up with a new brick stairway that looks great.

Around the District

The Duncan Hotel has new owners: New Haven’s storied hotel was sold and is undergoing renovation by AJ Capital partners. The 123 year old institution will be re-modeled as a high-end boutique hotel adding vibrancy to the Yale School of Art campus.

The flower planting continues with summer and fall flowers and the replanting with mums every September. They’re already looking great. We now have 40 concrete planters and have phased down the wooden barrels to only 20.

Nick Singh of the Chapel Mini Mart has upgraded the property he purchased at 1182 Chapel St., following complete renovation.

Chapel West Special Services District is collaborating with the Economic Development Department and the various restaurants that provide sidewalk dining services to upgrade their spaces. In 2017 we created a pavement terrace for outside dining between Rudy’s Bar and The House Of Naan. We are constantly looking for ways to make improvements with fences/railing, lighting, tables & chairs, flowers, shrubbery, and awnings.

Barracuda Restaurant opened in 2015 adding a latin flavor to the district.

The House of Naan opened at 65 Howe street in 2016 with crafted cocktails and a very cool vibe. It marks Chapel West as New Haven’s hot restaurant destination, all within two blocks.


Miya’s Restaurant was awarded the “Champion of change for sustainable Food”award. Bun Lai excepted the award at the White House in 2016.

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Alex from Chap’s has another restaurant at 821 Chapel St. It’s called Golden Rock. Good luck to Alex.

We have trimmed the trees on Park St. from Chapel to Crown and a few on Chapel Street. Some are trimmed to protect buildings and some to provide more light.