Around the District

The flower planting continues with summer flowers and the replanting with mums every September. They’re already looking great. We now have 40 concrete planters and have phased down the wooden barrels to only 20.

Nick Singh of the Chapel Mini Mart has upgraded the property he purchased at 1182 Chapel St., following complete renovation.

Chapel West Special Services District is collaborating with the Economic Development Dept. and the various restaurants that provide sidewalk dining services to upgrade their spaces. We are looking to make improvements with fences/railing, lighting, tables & chairs, flowers, shrubbery, awnings, etc. Everyone is quite excited about the project and the cooperative effort being put forth by all involved. Work should begin as soon as the City finishes the new sidewalk construction that will start this month.

Chris Alexiades, Clay Studio, has agreed to head up a Merchants Committee to take on the various events sponsored by CW and to create more.We are just starting to put a team together and will keep you informed.

Alex from Chap’s has another restaurant at 821 Chapel St. It’s called Golden Rock. Good luck to Alex.

We have trimmed the trees on Park St. from Chapel to Crown and a few on Chapel Street. Some are trimmed to protect buildings and some to provide more light.