District Services



  • Daily rubbish removal from barrels
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Cleaning curbs
  • Twenty-four hour surveillance cameras  at several locations. The feed is recorded by the City of New Haven and Yale Security to be used as evidence in case of a criminal incident.
  • Cleaning drain grates
  • Properties, alleys, and lawns are cleaned to the building line every day
  • Trim bushes, hedges and trees that block street lighting
  • Weed removal
  • Snow removal from sidewalks at crosswalks only
  • Maintain & replace equipment
  • Provides uniforms for employees
  • Maintains & displays promotional banners for City events and holidays
  • Provides holiday decorations
  • Removal of graffiti from blighted buildings and public spaces
  • Holds annual meeting & election as required by City ordinance
  • Checks buildings daily & reports problems
  • Maintains one office within the district
  • Maintains decorative lighting
  • Liaison between City & government and the CWSSD members
  • Maintains public improvements Maintains & improves the appearance of abandoned buildings.
Study Hotel on Chapel Street

Study Hotel on Chapel Street


  • Broken pavers and faulty sidewalks to be replaced. The block of Chapel between Park and Howe has been completed. Park between Chapel and Crown has been completed. A survey of all sidewalk defects in the District has been completed. The City has opened bids for the block between York and Park.
  • New banners and signage are being installed. Call the office to get yours: 203-787-3000.
  • New banners, in a new design are being installed. If you want one, call Strong/Cohen design.
  • New entry and exit signs for the district have been installed as well as a logo sign at the corner of Chapel and Howe.
  • Expansion of the District will result in cleaner streets at the edge of the District, especially Park, York, Crown, and Edgewood.
  • The District Board plans to solicit developers to acquire and renovate any underutilized or blighted property and to support all applications to the city to accomplish this end.
  • The Board has installed surveillance cameras at key locations throughout the District both to deter crimes and to provide evidence for conviction of those who commit them.
  • 80 properties in the District are being rezoned to Downtown BD-1 at the request of the District.
Yale school of Architecture 180 York St, New Haven, CT 06511

Yale school of Architecture 180 York St, New Haven, CT 06511